Top 5 Vegetable Choppers for Indian Kitchen

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Here’s a quick comparison of Top 5 vegetable choppers before we get in to the details.

Vegetable ChopperMotorStorage CapacityWarranty
Orpat Express Chopper250 Watt700 ml2 Years
Glen Mini Chopper250 Watt400 ml1 Year
Prestige Electric Chopper 450 Watt700 ml1 Year
Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo260 Watt500 ml2 Year
Borosil Chefdelite Chopper200 Watt600 ml2 Year

Here’s the detailed comparison of the choppers.

No. 1. Orpat Express Chopper

This is the No. 1 most loved vegetable chopper that is reasonably priced. Whether you want large chunks or want them finely chopped or want to make a tomato puree, you can do it all with this beauty. You can do hard core chopping without worrying about the device slipping off. The Orpat Express chopper runs with a powerful 250 watt motor that can easily chop and mince toughest of veggies and herbs while consuming very little electricity. The noise produced is negligible compared to other choppers in the category. This is the most cost effective, durable and efficient chopper that you can buy. The chopper is currently available on Amazon with 2 years warranty.

No. 2. Glen Mini Chopper

This little chopper is No 2 on our list. Glen Mini Chopper also comes with a powerful 250 watt motor, but is comparatively compact. It has a storage space of 400 ml. Customers are impressed by the quality of material used for manufacturing this chopper.  This Vegetable chopper is very fast and is great for everyday chopping & whisking chores. While its slightly expensive compared to the Orpat Express chopper, it comes with a complimentary extra bowl. The chopper works only when it’s properly closed, which eliminates the chances of getting injured with the blade. The Glen mini chopper has great customer reviews and is available on Amazon with a 1 year warranty.

No. 3. Prestige Electric Chopper

No 3 on our list, the Prestige Electric Chopper uses the twin blade system improved efficiency and speed. The powerful 450 watt motor can not only do everything that a normal chopper can, but will also crush ice with ease. You can easily cut hard vegetables like potatoes, beetroot and carrots with great efficiency. This chopper is great for preparing salads very fast. You can control the size by controlling the time the chopper runs. The Vegetable chopper can considerably increase your productivity in kitchen and a must have for working couples that are too busy to manually cut and chop their veggies. The chopper comes with a 1 year warranty.

No 4. Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo

The Morphy Richards Chopper does not have any unique feature that sets it apart from other choppers. However, it’s a reliable brand and comes with 2 year warranty. Therefore, it takes the no 4 slot in our list. This device is excellent for chopping, but may not be suitable for harder vegetables or boneless chicken. Click here to know more about this chopper.

No 5. Borosil Chefdelite Chopper

No 5 on the list is the Borosil Chefdelite Chopper. This is a light weight and efficient chopper. This Vegetable chopper produces the least noise compared to all choppers listed here. The 200 watt motor is least powerful compared to all choppers in the list but will do the job for you. This copper is reliable but quite expensive when compared to other choppers with motors of similar wattage. It comes with a 2 years warranty.

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