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Coffee lovers face several challenges making great coffee, but not with Tecnora Cappuccino coffee maker. Tecnora New Classico TCM 107 M Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker improves your coffee experience once you begin using it. This is due to the brewing science that that comes along with this machine. If you’ve never used such a machine, don’t worry – Tecnora experts will teach you everything about brewing the right way. You can easily follow their manual, contact them or use their online videos to become an expert instantly. TCM 107 M comes with a comprehensive two-year product warranty.

Product Features

This newly designed model consists of up to 1050 watts of power that boosts the boiler efficiency and provide greater consistency to froth milk for creamy cappuccino. It has a sleek and lightweight plastic body as its housing and the Italian pump for extracting coffee flavor. This features will make you like the product. It additionally has a smart auto switch-off feature that turns the machine off automatically after 25 minutes thus preventing overheating which can cause damage. You will, therefore, be at peace even if you forgot the device running while going to work.

User Experience

People generally have had a very good experience using this cappuccino coffee maker. Some have testified that since they started using it, they became passionate about coffee. This can be associated to the science brewing it using the machine. When using this device, you have to maintain the right temperature because when overheating leads to bitter tasting coffee. On the other hand, very low temperatures could result in a sour taste in the coffee. Therefore you are advised to use the optimal temperature to get the expected taste.

With this cappuccino coffee maker, you can get latte, cappuccino or cappuccino depending on the ratio of espresso and steamed milk that you are using. For instance, if you want to make macchiato which is similar to the cappuccino but is a stronger dose, then you will have to froth milk then follow the two basic procedures. First, stretching, this is where you generate a fine microform on the surface of the milk. Second, streaming and roll, where you roll milk to the right temperature of about 68 degrees centigrade. Then you will observe an increase in the volume of about 20% with no big bubble. You are expected to use chilled milk only as with temperatures above 37 degrees centigrade it is tough to give texture to milk.

You do not need to use the machine for so long to realize that it’s the best cappuccino maker. Users who have used it just only one week already rate it high. This is because the machine will help you to make coffee fast anytime you need at your pleasure. You can also find it easy to prepare coffee four your visitors.

Tecnora Cappuccino coffee maker has the overall scale and performance similar to Philips Saeco poemia. This machine, however, has the price advantage, as compared to Saeco poemia.

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