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This is a review of Preethi Dripcafe (model CM 208), a South Indian Filter Coffee Maker. Please read through the complete review of this product before you buy any South Indian Filter Coffee Maker.

Review Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

If you love filter coffee (or “filter kaapi”J), you will love this Filter Coffee Maker from Preethi Kitchen Appliances. Even the people who are used to the traditional filters will appreciate the convenience offered by this electric Dripcafe Coffee Maker. It’s designed such that the brew is not exposed to the air, which retains the flavor, aroma and warmth. The conical filter helps make stronger coffee with lesser coffee powder. This filter coffee maker is best suitable for a small to medium sized family of 3 to 6 members.

About the product

This coffee maker uses a 450 watt heating element for quick brewing. You can make 500 ml of coffee decoction at once in this Coffee Maker and it will take less than 10 min to prepare. Operates at a voltage of 230 volts.

Here are the pros and cons of this South Indian Filter Coffee Maker:


1.       Keeps the aroma, flavor and warmth intact

2.       Easy to clear & light weight

3.       Convenient alternative for traditional coffee filters

4.       Excellent gift for people who love South Indian Filter Coffee

5.       Reasonably priced

6.       Spare parts like filters and coffee jar are easily available at authorized service centers or online

7.       Makes nice & thick decoction in less than 5 min, larger quantity will take max 10 min

8.       You can reheat and consume several time through the day


1.       A beep sound when the pilot switch goes off would have been helpful as there is a chance you may get occupied with work and end up ignoring the pilot lamp

Here’s how to prepare 2 cups of South Indian Filter Coffee with this Coffee Maker:

1.       Open the plastic water tank and pour 125 ml water for 2 cups of coffee

2.       Put 2 tea spoons full of coffee powder in to the filter

3.       Spread the coffee powder evenly within the filter and replace the filter lid

4.       Place the filter on the Jar and place the jar on the hot plate

5.       Turn on the coffee maker

6.       In 1 to 2 min, hot water will start dripping in to the coffee powder

7.       Brewed coffee decoction will get collected in to the Jar

8.       When the pilot lamp goes off, turn off the switch immediately

9.       Pour the coffee decoction in to your coffee mug or cup

10.   Mix milky or milky powder and sugar as per your taste

11.   Your South Indian Filter Coffee is now ready

3 things to know about this South Indian Filter Coffee Maker:

1.     Do not put milk directly in to this coffee maker

2.     Switch off when the pilot lamp goes off

3.     Do not put coffee beans in to the filter, use coffee powder

About the Company – Preethi Kitchen Appliances

The company was started in 1978. Preethi is now the largest mixer grinder brand and a leading Kitchen Appliances company in India. It’s a well-established company committed to increase its customer base further. Customers can definitely trust this brand and their after sales service.

Overall Summary

It’s a great product from Preethi. This product has more than 96% positive reviews on Amazon. In fact, there are customers claiming to use this product since a decade and they love it. Amazon’s customer service, return policy and good after sales service from Preethi will encourage most people to buy this South Indian Filter Coffee Maker.

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