Should you buy the Morphy Richards Chopper?

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Do you need to chop your vegetables fast and with a fine finish? Morphy Richards Vivo Chopper is a chopper that is recommended for easy and fast chopping of vegetables like carrots, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes, and onions to preferred sizes. For less than 1500 rupees, this chopper may or may not fit your needs. Please go through the complete post for complete details.

Buying an efficient chopper can involve a lot of thought owing to the wide range of products available, and their even wider range of capabilities and design features. Settling for a chopper that will give you the exact performance as suggested by the marketing messages makes it harder for buyers to select a single item out of many. A chopper that chops your food into fine pieces is not easy to come by. However, the Morphy Richards chopper will reduce the time spent in preparing your meals by fast chopping your food into fine pieces.

The chopper gives you the best results if used as per the instructions. There is time specified for each vegetable that the user needs to adhere to. The chopper perfectly chops food to fine pieces. For instance, onions can turn out to be mushy, if used for more than the recommended six seconds. The ability of the appliance to chord considerably hard vegetables like potatoes and carrots is attributable to its powerful 260W motor. The motor is further designed with a turbo function for effectiveness. The chopper’s anti-slide base ensures that it does not slip away while in usage. It can also be used to cover the chopped contents in the transparent chopping-cum-storage bowl. The stainless steel chopping blades are sharp enough to cut both soft and hard vegetables. This chopper is also designed with a whisking blade which is important in whisking eggs and buttermilk.


  1. The two-level chopping feature enhances fine chopping of vegetables
  2. Allows users to get large, medium, or small vegetable pieces as per their preference
  3. Does not require installation, and it’s easy to assemble
  4. Easy to clean and operate
  5. Not bulky thus occupies less storage space in the kitchen

Cons based on user experience

  1. Onions can get squashy if left to operate beyond six seconds
  2. Reduced utility owing to the lower number of attachments
  3. Presents difficulty in chopping leafy vegetables as their long strands coil around the blades
  4. It has a limited capacity of 0.5L. This will force you to chop in batches. Therefore, you must frequently take out the blade and empty the chopped contents
  5. It lacks robustness as it easily breaks down and presents difficulty in making repairs
  6. Leaves water deposits between its base and the container when washed thus poorly dries out
  7. The functionality is limited to fine dicing and chopping
  8. Lacks a separate bowl for blending and chopping purposes

Although the Morphy Richards chopper may seem to be a fragile appliance, it gives desirable results if you strictly stick to the simple guidelines detailed in the manual. Chopping the right quantity of vegetables at a time and observing the time recommended for each food type are ways through which you can efficiently use this chopper.

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