Prestige Electric Chopper PEC 1.0 Review

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Change your cooking experience with the Prestige Electric Chopper PEC 1.0. The Prestige electric chopper has sharp blades which ensure that your vegetables are chopped into fine pieces. It also enhances cutting nuts and fruits, and mincing meat to make your kitchen chores lighter. The chopper costs less than 1600 rupees on online retail shops.

As buyers try to find the right chopper for their kitchen, they become aware of the different brands supplied in the market. The major difference between the different brands is durability, design, arrangement, and number of blades present in the chopper, which affects the quality of the chopper performance. New buyers may face the challenge of learning curve in using these choppers. The buyers may further experience problems in settling for the chopper that will give them the desired size of the chopped pieces.

The Prestige electric chopper resolves this problem as it has a twin blade system which is helpful in chopping vegetable into fine pieces. Most brands in the market lack the multi-layer blade design. This chopper allows you to regulate the size of the chopped pieces. A single light touch will give you chopped vegetables, while two to three presses will result in minced and grated vegetables. With the ease of installation, this popular chopper brand can be your ultimate choice.

The Prestige electric chopper has four blades which execute their work so perfectly to give the product its high-quality performance reputation. With these blades, even a single green chili will be chopped into fine pieces. In collaboration with a powerful motor, the twin blade system enhances quick chopping of small quantities of beans, potatoes, beetroots, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and leafy greens. The product capacity can serve a family of four to satisfaction.

Here are the pros & cons of the product:


  1. Lesser noise compared to other choppers of similar wattage
  2. Allows users to chop vegetables to preferred sizes
  3. Treat performance as a result of twin blade system
  4. Easy to set up for new users


Some users have noted it to lack a proper storage lid. The one provided is designed with a hole at the center for easy passage of the blade. Also, it does not come with a locking system and the users may have to hold the machine and plastic container with both hands while copping is in progress.

Despite few technical and design flaws, the Prestige electric chopper has high efficiency in vegetable chopping as it will give desired piece sizes. Its ease of operation and cleaning double up to make the product a favorite in the market. The product also has a strong brand among other competitors.

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