Philips Hair Removal HP6400 Epilator

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Winter has not completely left town but we can already see it receding. It means spring is almost on the horizon. In winters, it quite easy to cover up under the multiple layers of clothing so no worries about those hairy arms and legs peeking out.  Summers, on the other hand, will bring the need for hair removal to the forefront. This summer, get ready to remove annoying body hair with the Philips hair removal hp6400 epilator.

Philips Hair Removal Epilator

Philips has been long since associated with quality electronic appliances. The Philips hair removal epilator is another addition to a long product line of personal care gadgets. In this Philips epilator hp6401 review, we break down the features and specifications of the product.

Philips Epilator hp6401 Review

Key Features

Rounded Hair Tips

The Philips hair removal hp6400 epilator features rounded hair tips. This allows for a safe and precise hair removal. There is a highly reduced chance of damaging the skin and hair is taken out precisely from the root. Therefore, the resulting smooth and hair free skin will last longer.

Ergonomic Handle

One of the difficulties consumers face with such products is that they are difficult to handle. Everyone has a different body shape so it is not easy to reach each part conveniently. On the other hand, people may have to reach the limits of their own flexibility to make an epilator work effectively.

However, with the Philips hair removal hp6400 epilator, you can benefit from the ergonomic handle. It does not put pressure on your limbs as you use it over the body. Moreover, it specifically features design for the bikini area. Users can easily maneuver around the bikini area and remove hair effectively.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Hair can really difficult to remove, especially small hair. However, cleaning the Philips hair removal hp6400 epilator. Is not only easy but real quick as well. Therefore, the next time you use it, you won’t be finding any stray hair lodged in the hair tips. You can keep the gadget clean and organized between the times of use without hassle.

Key Specifications

The Handle

As mentioned before, the handle consists of an ergonomic design. The flexibility and ease of use of the handle come from its rubber grip. Therefore, it is easy to use without straining your arms and hands.

Convenience of Use

The Philips hair removal hp6400 epilator is fully washable. In addition to that, it operates on batteries so no tangled cords to deal with. You can easily find a place according to your own comfort and remove hair without having to deal with cords in the way. Moreover, the gadget comes with great portable features. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around, even if you are traveling.

Performance of the Philips Hair Removal Epilator


The epilator features an integrated pop-up trimmer. This allows you to shorten the hair if they are really long to remove directly. Therefore, it will help create less of a mess and chances of discomfort are less as well.

Pop Up Comb

The pop-up comb is also integrated into the epilator. This allows the user to untangle long hair. As a result, it is easier and free of mess to remove unwanted hair from the body.


In case you want to entirely remove the hair, the integrated shaver is quite handy. The result is a smooth and hair free skin.

In conclusion, the Philips hair removal epilator is a product with comprehensive features. You get high performance and great productivity in less amount of time. It is highly comfortable to use. Users will experience less discomfort and less mess to deal with.

Final Verdict of Philips Hair Removal HP6400 Epilator

Philips is a well-known company across the globe. If you want a reliable hair removing epilator, this is it. It comes with the company guarantee and features the quality we associate with it.

The box also contains a Philips satinelle epilator how to use manual. Users are suggested to follow the instructions. This will help use the device smoothly and produce more effective results.

Our Philips epilator hp6400 review concludes that the epilator is a user-friendly hair removing device.

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