Philips GC1920 28 Steam Iron

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The Philips gc1920 28 steam iron is a great addition to the Philips steam iron 1900 series. In terms of Philips gc1920 vs gc1905, the former provides better steam output. We will talk about that later as we proceed into this review.

A Review of the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron

As mentioned before, the Philips gc1920 28 steam iron carries on the quality of the Philips steam iron 1900 series.

Here are the key features and specifications that the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron excels at:

Key Features

Easy and Fast Water Tank

The key feature of any steam iron is its water tank. Not only the water tank of this one comes with better capacity but extra convenient features as well.

The water tank is easy and fast to fill up and empty out. This highly reduces the hassle and users can iron their clothes in an organized manner.

On the other hand, the water tank design has an impressive spray feature. T produces a fine and even spray. As a result, the clothes are moistened properly before you start ironing.

Great Steam Output

The Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron features an impressive steam output. As compared to the previous steam iron in the Philips steam iron

1900 series, its steam output is 17g per minute.

Moreover, you will notice the high quality of the soleplate. It comes with the golden American heritage coating. Therefore, you can expect a smooth glide over any fabric.

On the other hand, it has a great non-stick function. It effectively prevents the burning of delicate fabrics.

Cord Freedom

Unfortunately, the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron does not come without a cord. That feature is highly in demand but in this price range, it is unavailable. On the other hand, the cord is quite user-friendly. It supports a swivel feature. Therefore, there is a reduced chance of tangle and wiry mess. You can iron clothes without the cord coming in the way or forming into difficult knots.

Key Specifications

Energy Consumption

You don’t need to worry about an increased utility bill. The technology of the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron is energy friendly. It saves a considerable amount of electricity. Power requires only 1440 watts while operating voltage is 240 volts.

Company Warranty

Philips provides a 2-year warranty with the Philips gc1920. It is a popular brand trusted by many across the world. Therefore, you can easily depend on the validity of this warranty.

Philips Steam Iron 1900 Series Price: Philips gc1920 vs gc1905

The Philips gc1920 comes at a reasonable price. The other steam irons within the same series are also prices in a customer friendly manner.

On the other hand, if we consider Philips gc1920 vs. gc1905, then the former is a bit expensive. However, in a small amount of raise, you are getting two better features. The steam output is 17fg per minute. This is 4g higher than the Philips gc1905.

Moreover, the Philips gc1920 has an American heritage coated soleplate. This greatly impacts the performance of the soleplate while ironing. You will considerably experience less friction and a smooth glide over all the fabrics.

Tips to Use the Philips gc1920

In order to get the best results, follow the following instructions:

  • Don’t turn on the steam function without heating up the device. Wait a fair amount of time so that the steam iron can heat up. If you don’t follow this method, there is a risk of water leakage.
  • Keep the knob at the no steam position when not in use. The second and third settings should only be used when the soleplate is hot.

For more useful tips, follow the manual provided with the steam iron. The manual is quite detailed and easy to read. It will help you operate the iron, especially if it is your first experience with a steam iron.

On the other hand, the manual provides information on maintenance as well. Do follow these instructions to keep the steam iron in the best condition. If you don’t, you may end up with decreased performance and productivity.

The manual also provided useful tips on ironing fabrics. Different fabrics have varying demands of heat. Follow these instructions to get the best results with all kinds of fabrics. In addition, this will also prevent damage to delicate fabrics.

Final Verdict

The Philips gc1920 is a bit expensive compared to the Philips gc1905. However, it provides better functionality as well. It is a good bargain.

If you think this iron is too expensive, checkout our review of the Philips GC1903 Steam Iron, which is lot more cost effective and you don’t have to compromise too much.

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