Philips Aquatouch AT756 Shaver for Men

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From smart phones to smart cards, smart card to smart homes, smart is the new trend of nowadays. And it has also taken over the trend of grooming world as well. One of the smart grooming appliances of today is the new, Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men and its fantastic features make it a smart shaver.

The new Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men features both shaver and a trimmer saving a lot of your time and money.  It is 100% washable and there is no hard maintenance required for it.  When using it for first time, one feels bit irritation and itching of skin that comes with any trimmer. It eventually goes away with regular usage.

Additionally, the Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men features user-friendly design along with lift and cut dual blade system. The shaver gently lifts the hair ensuring a comfortable and close shave. This shaver provides you with an efficient shave of 40 plus minutes using Lithium battery making it great while you are commuting.

Moreover, Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men gives you the options of both dry shave and refreshingly wet one with no worries about damaging or roughening of the skin.  You can have quick, convenient shave with this washable ergonomic shaving device. Now you can turn your rushed morning shaves into a smooth one. This device takes no time, is user-friendly and safe for the environment and has certification of the Philips Green Logo of environment-friendly devices.

You could start your day with a quick fresh start using the Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men. It comes with a two year guarantee.

About the accessories of Philips Aquatouch AT756 Shaver for Men

Philips Aquatouch AT756 Charger:

Unlike some, the Philips Aquatouch at756 charger time period is less than 8 hours for full charge. And this gives you effortless shave time of 40 minutes. Full charge allows you to have 14 smooth shaves.  The single LED light indicator shows you when the battery is full, low or charging.

Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men is for cordless use only and you cannot plug it into a wall socket.

Philips AT756 Blades:

This environment friendly shaving device adjusts expertly to your skin contours. Philips AT756 blades lift the facial hair and cuts them closely resulting in smooth shave. The lift and cut dual blade system both trim and shave hair smoothly and expertly. The Philips AT756 blades are easy to clean featuring a Quick-Rinse system. Simply place it under running water so that the residual hair removes themselves from the blades.

Furthermore, Philips AT756 blades word incredibly well for small beards. You can run the trimmer first if you have thicker and longer beard and then continue shaving. The pop-up trimmer with its dynamic contour adjustment design gives you an impeccable groomed look especially for the moustache and sideburns.  The rounded protection head supports low friction that automatically adjusts itself while it glides over your skin’s curves and contours. The design is for the hard and rough skin of men and Philips AT756 Blades ensures a comfortable, clean and smooth shave.

Philips At756 Shaver Lowest Price:

Together with all the features stated above, the Philips At756 Shaver Lowest Price makes it quite a good bargain to get a smart shaver at an affordable price. When talking about comfortable and smooth shave, Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men is certainly among the best products in the market.

Philips has a reputation of having safe and quality appliances and products. With their entry into the grooming industry, they are again successful in creating a smart product as Philips AquaTouch AT756 shaver for men.

You can use it dry, in the shower with a skin protection system that not only protects your skin from cuts but adjusts perfectly to your face curves. 40 minutes of shaving time by 8 hours of charging is what Philips At756 Shaver Lowest Price gets you!  You can make your mornings enjoyable and breezy with this fast and efficient shaving device by Philips. You can try out different look of sideburns and moustache with just the right angle using this device.

Smart Grooming has become so easy with this amazing shaving device by Philips.

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