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The Philips Airfryer is one healthy alternative to deep frying. It is a compact built fan oven that can easily fit on your worktop. It cooks superb chips and different types tasty food without oil for a healthier eating anytime. With a 1 to 30 minute timer, the Philips Airfryer makes frying very easy and convenient since it has an automatic shut off. With a cool-touch handgrip, you will not feel the heat when the fryer is in use or when handling it after use. With the patented rapid air technology, your cooking will never be the same again. Its 2.2L capacity is adequate for a small family.

The Philips airfryer review expounds on the problems it has solved for families. Many people have issues finding an airfryer that does not smell of the previously cooked food. This product only produces negligible smell solving the problem. Those who prefer minimal oil in food but still yearn for their fries can now enjoy fried chips and chicken in a healthy serving. It is a relatively new technology so many buyers still need convincing before shifting to the airfryer, however, this product’s features and benefits are convincing enough for any customer.

It cooks very fast saving you time especially for those with busy schedules but prefers home cooked food. The compact design of this product makes it easy to fit even in small kitchens without crowding the worktop. Its small size makes it easy to go with it wherever you want.

Product design

The Philips Airfryer comes in a compact design  occupying a small space. It features a heating element and fan on the top with a pull out drawer at the bottom that reveals a cooking basket. It, however, has no window through which you can view the cooking progress like in an Owen. At the very bottom is a metal mesh to allow free air flow. It has simple controls for setting the cooking conditions: temperature knob at the top and timer knob just above the handle. At the back is convenient cord storage. To cook 800 gm chips, it uses only 18ml of oil and can cook between 80 and 200 degrees C. The parts are dishwasher safe.

Rapid air technology

This feature ensures healthier frying, baking, grilling or roasting for tasty snacks and meals within a short time using little or no oil. This technology creates less smell relative to conventional fryers.

Unique design

It combines fast air circulating super heated air with the shape and optimal heating to allow for delicious frying of a variety of foods easily without adding oil.

Variety of cooking options

With this product, you can bake, fry, roast, and grill. The innovative Rapid Air technology allows for various cooking options.

Fast and easy cooking

With over 2 liter capacity, you can cook a lot of food quickly anytime.

Adjustable temperature and timer

It features integrated adjustable timer for pre-set cooking up to 30 minutes. At the end of the time, it automatically shuts off and issues a sound indicator, so no more burnt food. The temperature controls allow for adjustable cooking conditions up to 200 degrees C. Prepare your food at the right temperature.

Easy clean

The nonstick drawer can be removed together with the food basket and washed in the dishwasher.


– It makes your food tasty and completely oil-free
– Significantly cuts down on cooking time
– Comes with warranty and customer support
– Has built-in timer
– Compact built


– Slightly expensive compared to other brands
– Short electrical cable of 1 meter
– May not be suitable bulk cooking for large families

Overall Summary

The innovative Rapid Air technology makes it the most energy and oil efficient/oil less fryer for domestic use. It is compact for use even in small spaces and produces little or no smell compared to other fryers. At 80% savings in oil usage, the Philips Airfryer is a must have for every kitchen. So, that’s our Philips Airgryer review. Please do let us know your experience with this airfryer.

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