6 reasons to buy OnePlus 3T

Dash Charging

You can literally charge the phone in flat 30 min and the charge will stay for entire day

OnePlus 3TConvenient to carry in pocket

Very light weight and can be easily carried in a tight jeans pocket and it looks great while it’s in the pocket – great for style conscious youth

Performance Beast

Compared to other phones in the segment, it has the most powerful processor, highest RAM and highest internal memory space. You will not find any typical hanging issues with this phone

Finger Print Detection

Finger print sensor really quick. It’s extremely easy to configure and you can submit multiple finger prints in different angles. It detects your finger print in less than a second, which is remarkable.

Great Camera

OnePlus 3T has a 16 MP front & back cameras. The front camera is great at capturing low light selfies and videos.

Great User Experience

This phone has the best customer reviews rating on Amazon with more than 7000 positive reviews one can be assured of the user experience.

OnePlus 3T is a great mobile phone for anyone who is looking for a high performance smartphone at a reasonable price.

While there are raving reviews of OnePlus 3T, there are 5 reasons you may not want to buy it.

The Phone is Too Slippery

This phone is almost too slick to handle. It easily slips out of the hand. This can be a serious concern for people who don’t like to use mobile cases or back covers.

Does not come with Ear Phones

The package does not include any earphones. Given that it costs Rs. 29,999 for 64 GB phone and Rs. 34,999, I think OnePlus should have included earphones in the package. Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro, which is in the similar price range includes earphones in the package.

Too Large for some people

Some users may find this phone too large for one hand operation. This is of course relative to the size of individual’s hands, but if you are someone with small hands, operating this phone can be a challenge.

No Flash in front Camera

There is no flash in front camera. If you are a selfie addict and like to have a flash in the selfie camera, this can be a show stopper for you. But, most people shouldn’t mind the lack of this feature and the low light selfies in this phone are brilliant.

Few Color Options

OnePlus 3T is available in 3 color options – Soft Gold, Gunmetal and black. These colors are decent, but if you are someone who likes bright colors, then you may have to settle with buying colorful cases, which is not actually bad idea as the phone will definitely require a case to offset is slippery nature.

Overall Summary:

Despite the 5 trivial reasons mentioned above, OnePlus 3T smartphone is a formidable opponent for flagship devices such as Apple iPhone 7. Compared to all other devices in the market, the technical specifications and performance is unparalleled. OnePlus 3t is not just a flagship killer, its one of the most desirable smartphones out there.

OnePlus 3T back view