Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs Philips AirFryer

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If you’ve been contemplating on whether to buy Kenstar Oxy Fryer or Philips AirFryer, you may want to go through the following comparison. It will give you the crucial information needed for your decision.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs. Philips AirFryer


The Philips Air Fryer looks more robust to survive several knocks and withstand the maximum heat settings. Overall, Philips model is constructed using very high-quality, food-grade plastic materials that feel quite sturdy. Here’s a full review of the Philips AirFryer.


If you have more mouths to feed (3-5), it would be best to consider the food capacity. It will, without a doubt, help you reduce the cooking time as well as power costs. The Viva Airfryer HD9220 is designed with a 2.2-litre frying basket, whereas Oxy Fryer has a slightly bigger capacity−3 liter. So you know which unit to buy.

Power consumption

The Philips AirFryer utilizes 1425 Watts of power, and you’re required to use a 15 Ampere plug socket with the Airfryer. If you use the normal 6 A switches, it will burn out. With Kenstar Oxy Fryer, it uses 1500 watts. As you can see, the unit with bigger frying basket will definitely consume more power in the long run.

Power cord length

This is a crucial feature which most people tend to neglect. If you don’t have accessible electric sockets near your kitchen, you may want a longer power cord. The Philips AirFryer power cord is slightly short (1 meter long), which might not be sufficient enough for a normal kitchen. So you might have to fork out some extra cash to buy an extension cable. Kenstar’s Oxy Fryer features a 1.2-meter long power cord, which allows users to work from virtually any space in their kitchens.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is typically a tiresome chore that you cannot evade entirely. However, these units are extremely easier to clean than you could imagine. The fact that they both use very little oil or no oil, which is what stains the interior of the fryers, make them easy to clean. Nevertheless, the Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology eliminates the smell of fried oil when compared to Oxy Fryer. To know more, please read our post – 9 Reasons to Buy Philips Air Fryer.

Auto Shut-Off

The AirFryer and Oxy Fryer have integrated timers ranging from 0 up to 30 minutes, and which automatically stop processing after reaching the maximum set time. So if you’re not around, the auto-power cut function feature will certainly save your food from burning into waste.


When it comes to brand, Philips is one of the most trusted because its products often last long. For Kenstar, they’re still building the same trust in the user’s mind.


Truth be told, the price is undoubtedly the main deciding factor when making a purchase. And in this case, Oxy Fryer is extremely hard to beat.


Of course, one of the important factors to look for when shopping for an air fryer is warranty. Well, Philips will definitely score some points here as they offer a 2-year warranty for the product. Kenstar, on the other hand, provides a 1-year warranty on its model.

Now, which model should you buy? Well, pick the one that will match your kitchen needs and budget.

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