Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer Review

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You might be wondering what “Hestia” means. Hestia is the name of a Greek goddess of home & domesticity. True to the name, the sleek design and durability of this Hestia Juicer is absolutely unparalleled compared to other juicers in the segment.

The powerful motor weighs 4.16 Kgs, rotates at 60 RPM, producing less than 45 decibels of sound. The feeding tube is 7.5 cm wide allowing us to directly feed the whole fruit. The strong motor silently exacts extracts juice with ease. You can juice all types of fruit and veggies with this juicer. It can easily juice an apple, carrot and beetroot altogether.

The machine comes with 3 different strainers that can be used for making Juice, Smoothie and Frozen fruit gelato. Since it’s very easy to use, you can also train your kids or domestic help and delegate your morning juicing routine. Kids will love to use this slow juicer.

As per Hestia’ website, the juice produced from this machine is 4 times more nutritious compared to other juices. Generally cold press juice is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and phyto-chemicals. Daily consumption of fruit plus vegetable cocktails can help you a lot with improving your micro nutrient intake and strengthening your immune system.

Here are the Pros & Cons of the Hestia Nutri Max Juicer:


1.       Juice stays fresh for longer period of time

2.       Very easy to use and great value for money

3.       Produces more juice than regular centrifugal juicers

4.       BPA free plastic and excellent build quality due to aerospace materials

5.       Pulp produced is absolute bone dry compared to other juicers

6.       Directly feed the whole fruit in to the machine instead of cutting pieces

7.       Self-cleaning functionality helps you easily clean the strainer

8.       Doubles as a frozen fruit gelato and smoothie maker


It’s relatively slower than centrifugal juicers, but the quality of fruit juice produced completely offsets this disadvantage.

Even though Centrifugal juicers are cheaper, health conscious people prefer Cold Press Juicers due to health benefits

Here are 3 reasons Cold Pressing Juicers are better than Centrifugal Juicers:

a.       Juice produced from Cold Press Juicers has way more nutritional value compared with centrifugal juicers. The dietary fibers, enzymes and minerals are all intact

b.      Centrifugal juicers generate a lot of heat that will burn the essential micro nutrients from the juice

c.       Centrifugal juicers produce a lot of sound and are difficult to clean. The pulp is retained in the containing and spread all inside the machine that makes it very challenging to clean. This eventually makes people give up juicing altogether

Overall Summary of the Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer India 2017

If you want to buy your first slow juicer or replace your old one, Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer will make a great choice. The juicer costs less than your Gym membership and will be a life time investment for your health.

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