Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill

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First things first – the best features of this Charcoal Grill:

1.       Its portable & compact

2.       Highly durable, withstands heat, fire and rust

3.       Tuck-N-Carry functionality is highly useful while holding the lid while cooking or carrying

4.       Very easy to use even for first time users

5.       Comes with a 10 year warranty

More about the Weber Smokey Joe Premium Coal Grill:

If you love grilled food, but also love home cooked food, then you will love this coal grill too. This is an ideal grill for a family of 2 to 6 people. You can quickly grill your favorite meats and veggies on this grill instead of ordering from unhygienic restaurants. The aroma, flavors and taste are outstanding. It’s more fun when you grill with family and friends. Its definitely the best grill for your camping trips. However, here are few pros and cons you may refer to before buying this grill.

Pros & Cons of the Weber Charcoal grill:


1.       Great for grilling in your balcony or terrace or during camping

2.       Can store about 4 KGs of coal in one go

3.       Easy to carry around with you

4.       Weber has Plenty of other products like Charcoal Briquettes and 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set that that will enhance your grilling experience further


1.       Compared to Indian brands, the Weber Coal grill is slightly expensive

2.       The stand is small and is meant for cooking in sitting position. If you like to stand and grill, you will have to place the grill on a table

Here’s another important thing to know before buying this charcoal grill. The product is not ready to be used out of the box. Once you receive the package, you will have to assemble it together, which might take about 30 min of your time.

Here are some tips for shortlisting the best grill for your camping trips.

Choosing the best Charcoal Grill for camping and picnic tours can be daunting task. Thankfully, we have simplified this process for you.

1.       Easy to travel with on your camping trips

2.       Quick to setup and start grilling

3.       Easy to clean and maintain

4.       Retains flavor and aroma

5.       Durable & sturdy

6.       Felicitates heat retention

One great example of the great charcoal grill is the Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill. It fulfills all the above criteria plus offers a lot more value.

Alternative to Weber Charcoal Grill

For people who cannot afford the Weber grill, a decent alternative is the prestige coal barbeque grill. This is probably the most popular coal grill in India. It’s ideal for 2 to 3 people at a time. However, it does come with its disadvantages. You can only have one layer of coal which can get exhausted really fast. As per some users, fire & heat sustenance can be a problem. So, you need to make an arrangement to continuously fan the coal.

If you are still confused, which portable charcoal grill to buy, just think about what you personally want from a grill. If you love grilled food and want to invest in a durable product, you may want to go for the Weber charcoal grill. If you grill rarely and price is an important factor, then prestige coal barbecue grill may fit the bill for you.

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