Havells Air Fryer Review

Havells Air Fryer ReviewLooking to purchase the best air fryer in the market? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Havells air fryer is one of the top products in the industry, uniquely designed to let you get the benefits of light oil food and less greasy cooking pot. It gives you an amazing cooking experience­—lets you roast, grill, bake, fry, and reheat your food. It does not only make your food less oily, but also maintains the perfect balance between taste and health.

Although there a good number of different models available out there, not all deliver the desired results. This can be a really annoying experience. If you want a product that will not disappoint, then Havells air fryer is certainly the solution.

This air fryer is manufactured from very high-quality, food-grade aluminum material; therefore, expect it to be very durable. The unit uses a rapid air technology to ensure that the food cooked has up to 85 percent less oil as compared to traditional deep frying. It has a 2-litre food basket and 4-litre pan capacity, which is ideal for a big family or joint family. Along with its large cooking capacity, it also features a food separator that’s included in the airfrying basket. And since this amazing feature allows you to cook different food items at once, you’ll certainly save a lot of time and energy too.

The Havells air fryer is designed with a timer with and an auto shut-power cut system for precise cooking, meaning your food won’t burn into charcoal if you’re not around. Remember different foods require different temperature settings, so this unit lets you control the temperature for the best results. It utilizes 1230 watts of power, making it a more power saving unit.

With a cool touch handle and a special basket release button, ease of use is completely out of the question. That’s not all; cleaning the air fryer is extremely easy than you’d expect. You can easily detach the food basket and then wash. We’ll have to give the manufacturer credit for the innovative air filtration system that filters out the bad odors to give you a clean and odorless kitchen while frying.

You don’t have to worry about the recipes for the Havells air fryer. The product comes with a dedicated cookbook filled with plenty of recipes. Interestingly, you’ll not have to modify your traditional recipes since each preparation step will just be the same. What will make a difference to your cooking is the frying technique you use.


· Very durable

· Easy to clean and use

· Good food capacity

· Excellent digital display and control modes

· Includes a unique recipe book

· Safe and healthy cooking

· Saves time and reduces the power cost

· Backed by a 2-year warranty


· Some people may find it expensive, but there are other fryers that are more expensive than this.


Overall, the Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer is a great product that does the job that it’s designed for. So if you want a unit that incredibly controls the unhealthy amount of oil in your food, then the Havells air fryer is extremely hard to beat. Even though the product may seem costly, the truth is that you’ll get what you pay for. It offers amazing features and is, without a doubt, worth giving a shot.

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Havells Air Fryer Review

Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs Philips AirFryer

If you’ve been contemplating on whether to buy Kenstar Oxy Fryer or Philips AirFryer, you may want to go through the following comparison. It will give you the crucial information needed for your decision.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs. Philips AirFryer

Kenstar Oxy Fryer vs Philips AirFryer


The Philips Air Fryer looks more robust to survive several knocks and withstand the maximum heat settings. Overall, Philips model is constructed using very high-quality, food-grade plastic materials that feel quite sturdy. Here’s a full review of the Philips AirFryer.

Philips Air FryerCapacity

If you have more mouths to feed (3-5), it would be best to consider the food capacity. It will, without a doubt, help you reduce the cooking time as well as power costs. The Viva Airfryer HD9220 is designed with a 2.2-litre frying basket, whereas Oxy Fryer has a slightly bigger capacity−3 liter. So you know which unit to buy.

Power consumption

The Philips AirFryer utilizes 1425 Watts of power, and you’re required to use a 15 Ampere plug socket with the Airfryer. If you use the normal 6 A switches, it will burn out. With Kenstar Oxy Fryer, it uses 1500 watts. As you can see, the unit with bigger frying basket will definitely consume more power in the long run.

Power cord length

This is a crucial feature which most people tend to neglect. If you don’t have accessible electric sockets near your kitchen, you may want a longer power cord. The Philips AirFryer power cord is slightly short (1 meter long), which might not be sufficient enough for a normal kitchen. So you might have to fork out some extra cash to buy an extension cable. Kenstar’s Oxy Fryer features a 1.2-meter long power cord, which allows users to work from virtually any space in their kitchens.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is typically a tiresome chore that you cannot evade entirely. However, these units are extremely easier to clean than you could imagine. The fact that they both use very little oil or no oil, which is what stains the interior of the fryers, make them easy to clean. Nevertheless, the Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology eliminates the smell of fried oil when compared to Oxy Fryer. To know more, please read our post – 9 Reasons to Buy Philips Air Fryer.

Kenstar Oxy FryerAuto Shut-Off

The AirFryer and Oxy Fryer have integrated timers ranging from 0 up to 30 minutes, and which automatically stop processing after reaching the maximum set time. So if you’re not around, the auto-power cut function feature will certainly save your food from burning into waste.


When it comes to brand, Philips is one of the most trusted because its products often last long. For Kenstar, they’re still building the same trust in the user’s mind.


Truth be told, the price is undoubtedly the main deciding factor when making a purchase. And in this case, Oxy Fryer is extremely hard to beat.


Of course, one of the important factors to look for when shopping for an air fryer is warranty. Well, Philips will definitely score some points here as they offer a 2-year warranty for the product. Kenstar, on the other hand, provides a 1-year warranty on its model.

Now, which model should you buy? Well, pick the one that will match your kitchen needs and budget.

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Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer Review

Best Cold Press Juicer India 2017You might be wondering what “Hestia” means. Hestia is the name of a Greek goddess of home & domesticity. True to the name, the sleek design and durability of this Hestia Juicer is absolutely unparalleled compared to other juicers in the segment.

The powerful motor weighs 4.16 Kgs, rotates at 60 RPM, producing less than 45 decibels of sound. The feeding tube is 7.5 cm wide allowing us to directly feed the whole fruit. The strong motor silently exacts extracts juice with ease. You can juice all types of fruit and veggies with this juicer. It can easily juice an apple, carrot and beetroot altogether.

The machine comes with 3 different strainers that can be used for making Juice, Smoothie and Frozen fruit gelato. Since it’s very easy to use, you can also train your kids or domestic help and delegate your morning juicing routine. Kids will love to use this slow juicer.

As per Hestia’ website, the juice produced from this machine is 4 times more nutritious compared to other juices. Generally cold press juice is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and phyto-chemicals. Daily consumption of fruit plus vegetable cocktails can help you a lot with improving your micro nutrient intake and strengthening your immune system.

Here are the Pros & Cons of the Hestia Nutri Max Juicer:


1.       Juice stays fresh for longer period of time

2.       Very easy to use and great value for money

3.       Produces more juice than regular centrifugal juicers

4.       BPA free plastic and excellent build quality due to aerospace materials

5.       Pulp produced is absolute bone dry compared to other juicers

6.       Directly feed the whole fruit in to the machine instead of cutting pieces

7.       Self-cleaning functionality helps you easily clean the strainer

8.       Doubles as a frozen fruit gelato and smoothie maker


It’s relatively slower than centrifugal juicers, but the quality of fruit juice produced completely offsets this disadvantage.

Even though Centrifugal juicers are cheaper, health conscious people prefer Cold Press Juicers due to health benefits

Cold Press Juicer Vs Centrifugal JuicerHere are 3 reasons Cold Pressing Juicers are better than Centrifugal Juicers:

a.       Juice produced from Cold Press Juicers has way more nutritional value compared with centrifugal juicers. The dietary fibers, enzymes and minerals are all intact

b.      Centrifugal juicers generate a lot of heat that will burn the essential micro nutrients from the juice

c.       Centrifugal juicers produce a lot of sound and are difficult to clean. The pulp is retained in the containing and spread all inside the machine that makes it very challenging to clean. This eventually makes people give up juicing altogether

Overall Summary of the Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer India 2017

If you want to buy your first slow juicer or replace your old one, Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer will make a great choice. The juicer costs less than your Gym membership and will be a life time investment for your health.

Best Cold Press Juicer India 2017

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10 Reasons for Induction Cooker popularity in India

Induction Cooker is a great alternative to the traditional gas stove. There are 10 reasons for the growing popularity of Induction Cookers.

1. Reliable backup to your regular stove

Induction Cooker is a reliable back-up in situations where there is shortage of LPG or your gas stove is being repaired. Transport strikes in our country are quite common and is a major reason for delays in deliver of LPG cylinders. It makes a lot of sense to own an Induction cooker to avoid inconvenience.

Induction Cooktops

2. Low maintenance & easy to clean

Induction cooker is flat and easy to clean. Traditional LPG stove as a lot of parts than need to be removed and cleaned and requires reasonable maintenance. In an LPG stove, you will have to change the burners, pipe, and regulators on periodic basis to avoid hazardous situations. You can get rid of all these maintenance requirements with an Induction cooker. Most bachelors and small families find this to be a huge advantage.

3. Moved to a different city

You have moved out of your home town to take up a new job in a different city. It’s difficult to get an LPG connection without local address proof. If you are always on the move or get transferred frequently, then induction cooker is an obvious choice. Induction cooktops are becoming increasingly popular with bachelors.

4. Inbuilt cooking options

Induction Cooktop Built in options

Induction cookers come with several cooking options that are already built in to the cooktop. You can set the temperature as per the type of food you are trying to cook. For example the Philips HD4928 01 induction cooktop is completely programmed for Indian cooking. It has options such as Roti, Dosa, Gravy, Stir Fry, Pressure cook and slow cook etc. You even have a timer option like in microwaves. These options make it incredibly easy to operate the Induction cooker. This makes it ideally for people learning to cook.

5. Space Saver

Induction cooktops do not occupy too much space. It’s ideal for small kitchens, which makes it a favorite for people living in studio apartments.

6. Fast cooking

You can cook faster on induction cooker than on an LPG stove. You can boil 1 liter water in 2-3 minutes and 1 liter of milk in 5 Mins depending on the type of Induction cooker you are using.

7. Safer than gas stove

Induction cooktops are much safer than LPG stoves. There are several reasons, but let’s just say that there is greater chance of blowing up your apartment with an LPG stove than with an induction cooker. Some people feel electromagnetic fields (EMFs) created by induction cooktops could be dangerous, but there are no credible reports with enough evidences to support this claim.

Philips HD4928

8. Save cooking gas (LPG)

Occasional usage of Induction cooker can greatly reduce LPG consumption. Currently, we receive 12 cylinders per year on subsidy. In future, these numbers may go down and here’s why – Government spends a lot of money to subsidize the cost of LPG. In fact, India ranks 4th in the world in terms of LPG consumption and imports 200,000 barrels of LPG per day. Currently, families are being requested to give up on subsidy if they can afford to get LPG without subsidy. As per current regulations, individuals above 10 Lakh income cannot obtain subsidy on LPG. Future regulations could extend the income bracket even further. So, it’s better to occasionally use alternative energy sources for cooking to ensure you are better placed to accept the change in future.

9. Excellent gift option

Induction cooktops will make an excellent gifts for newly married couples. Any bachelor or bachelorettes will also love to own an easy to use cooktop. If you are looking to buy a useful gift for your friends or family, you will never go wrong with this one.

10. Experiment with new recipes

Induction Cookware and cooktops are fast becoming popular. This has revolutionized the way people cook. Hundreds of people have started to learn to cook using induction cooktop as it’s less messy than regular gas stoves. This has resulted in new recipes being created. You can explore many great recipes by owning and using an induction cooktop.

The downside of Induction cooker

While there are several advantages, there is a downside s well – You need to use specific cookware that is designed for it. However, most people will not find this to be a show stopper.

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Induction Cooktop offers

Top 5 Vegetable Choppers for Indian Kitchen

Here’s a quick comparison of Top 5 vegetable choppers before we get in to the details.

Vegetable ChopperMotorStorage CapacityWarranty
Orpat Express Chopper250 Watt700 ml2 Years
Glen Mini Chopper250 Watt400 ml1 Year
Prestige Electric Chopper 450 Watt700 ml1 Year
Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo260 Watt500 ml2 Year
Borosil Chefdelite Chopper200 Watt600 ml2 Year

Here’s the detailed comparison of the choppers.

No. 1. Orpat Express Chopper

Orpat Express Chopper

This is the No. 1 most loved vegetable chopper that is reasonably priced. Whether you want large chunks or want them finely chopped or want to make a tomato puree, you can do it all with this beauty. You can do hard core chopping without worrying about the device slipping off. The Orpat Express chopper runs with a powerful 250 watt motor that can easily chop and mince toughest of veggies and herbs while consuming very little electricity. The noise produced is negligible compared to other choppers in the category. This is the most cost effective, durable and efficient chopper that you can buy. The chopper is currently available on Amazon with 2 years warranty. Click here to check it out.

No. 2. Glen Mini Chopper

Glen Mini ChopperThis little chopper is No 2 on our list. Glen Mini Chopper also comes with a powerful 250 watt motor, but is comparatively compact. It has a storage space of 400 ml. Customers are impressed by the quality of material used for manufacturing this chopper.  This Vegetable chopper is very fast and is great for everyday chopping & whisking chores. While its slightly expensive compared to the Orpat Express chopper, it comes with a complimentary extra bowl. The chopper works only when it’s properly closed, which eliminates the chances of getting injured with the blade. The Glen mini chopper has great customer reviews and is available on Amazon with a 1 year warranty.

No. 3. Prestige Electric Chopper

Prestige Electric Chopper

No 3 on our list, the Prestige Electric Chopper uses the twin blade system improved efficiency and speed. The powerful 450 watt motor can not only do everything that a normal chopper can, but will also crush ice with ease. You can easily cut hard vegetables like potatoes, beetroot and carrots with great efficiency. This chopper is great for preparing salads very fast. You can control the size by controlling the time the chopper runs. The Vegetable chopper can considerably increase your productivity in kitchen and a must have for working couples that are too busy to manually cut and chop their veggies. The chopper comes with a 1 year warranty. Click here to buy.

No 4. Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo

Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo

The Morphy Richards Chopper does not have any unique feature that sets it apart from other choppers. However, it’s a reliable brand and comes with 2 year warranty. Therefore, it takes the no 4 slot in our list. This device is excellent for chopping, but may not be suitable for harder vegetables or boneless chicken. Click here to know more about this chopper.

No 5. Borosil Chefdelite Chopper

Borosil Chefdelite Chopper

No 5 on the list is the Borosil Chefdelite Chopper. This is a light weight and efficient chopper. This Vegetable chopper produces the least noise compared to all choppers listed here. The 200 watt motor is least powerful compared to all choppers in the list but will do the job for you. This copper is reliable but quite expensive when compared to other choppers with motors of similar wattage. It comes with a 2 years warranty. Check it out here.

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