Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell CharcoalThe Weber Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes are an excellent substitute for local coal. They are made from coconut shells. The briquettes burn longer and hotter compared to general coal. They are also smoke-free and spark-free. This makes them excellent for making barbecues within the comfort of your apartment.

Barbeque lovers usually deal with coal that burns out too quickly. The Weber Coconut Shell Charcoal is available in a 5Kg bag. The longevity of the coconut shell coal allows the 5kg bag to last you through 15 barbeques comfortably. Additionally, you no longer have to deal with extinguishes associated with local coal. These Weber briquettes will burn to ash once ignited.

How long does it last?

With coconut shell charcoal, you do not have to empty ash from the grill after every barbeque. Coconut shell is designed not to catch fire quickly. This property allows coconut shell charcoal to combust for up to five hours. It also burns with just the right amount of heat. It is practically impossible for these coals to make your grill too hot. They will, however, cook your chicken and steaks right

Burning pure Charcoal (Carbon), it completely smokeless. Conventional coal produces smoke because its not the purest. There are still many tiny bits of wood that remain embedded within the coal. The specks of wood are responsible for the smoke. Weber Coconut Shell Charcoal is void from such impurities. This is what makes their combustion to be so smoke-free.

Pure Charcoal (Carbon) burns without residue (ash). Ash is a byproduct of impurities in coal. Much like the smoke, ash is minimized by removing impurities. The relatively purer state of coconut shell coal reduces the amount of ash produced. Low ash production saves you the inconvenience of emptying your grill multiple times. It also makes the briquettes excellent for indoor use.

Weber Coconut Shell Charcoal is durable, smoke-free, produces less ash, the coal burns evenly and does not smother once ignited. The only con, however, is that igniting the briquettes can be quite a challenge. Also, some people find these briquettes very expensive.

Is it value for money?

Weber Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes are worth the price you pay for it. They give barbecue the much beloved smoky taste without producing irritating smoke. The length of time the 5Kg bag lasts is enough to mitigate the high purchase price.

While it’s not very easy to ignite the briquettes, the same property makes the briquettes burn evenly and for longer period of time. To ignite them easily, put a few coals on top of a gas burner for at least 10 minutes. Once they ignite, your worries are over. You can also use a fire starter or a lighter.

Coconut Shell CharcoalHere are couple of recommendations of grills you can buy in India:

Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill

Prestige Barbeque Grill

Prestige Barbeque Grill

Are you looking for memorable barbecue outings with family and friends? Then the Prestige Barbeque Grill is a great deal on a budget. Generally, people in India find it hard to get the smoky flavor from hot rolls, kebabs and sausages. Even if they use a charcoal grill, it has to be designed in a way that it will ensure the food is flavorsome. The problem with majority of grills in India is they are not very well designed to give the right flavor. This is not the case with the prestige PPBB 02. While it’s not the best grill in India, it does maintain a relatively perfect balance to provide enough smoky flavors to suite your needs and taste.

In India, it is not easy to find a grill that uses charcoal efficiently and effectively. The problem with most grills is they tend to use a lot of charcoal. We end up spending a lot of money on buying sufficient charcoal to use on the grill. The Prestige PPBB 02 is quite efficient in that it uses less than 50% of charcoal compared to other grills of the same type. This means that if you are used to using a pound of charcoal per grilling session, you will use half of the same amount with this grill. It is also economical due to the fact that it can grill and keep the food warm.

We all know that one of the problems of using grills is finding a way to warm food when the need arises. In fact, some people just opt to grill and eat once since warming food has rarely been an option with grills in India. The Prestige PPBB 02 stands out in this area. It will allow you to warm your food without using so much charcoal and time. This grill has a warming function that will not necessarily “re-cook” your food.

You can easily grill delicate foods such as vegetables and fish. This makes it a near perfect grill under a budget of Rs. 2300. If you can afford a better budget, the Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill is highly recommended.

Here are the pros and cons of Prestige Barbeque Grill:


  1. Easily portable with foldable legs
  2. Durable and comes with a 1 year warranty
  3. Unique warming rack and air damper
  4. Quick to assemble and disassemble, which makes it ideal for home & camping


  1. Not large enough for bigger gatherings

When cooking with a charcoal grill, regulating the temperature is quite a challenge. This particular grill has a unique air damper to regulate temperature as well as airflow. The fact that it has warming rack makes it quite useful. All in all, it is quite a bargain when you compare it with similar products on the market.

Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill

First things first – the best features of this Charcoal Grill:

1.      Best Charcoal Grill for camping trips Its portable & compact

2.       Highly durable, withstands heat, fire and rust

3.       Tuck-N-Carry functionality is highly useful while holding the lid while cooking or carrying

4.       Very easy to use even for first time users

5.       Comes with a 10 year warranty

More about the Weber Smokey Joe Premium Coal Grill:

If you love grilled food, but also love home cooked food, then you will love this coal grill too. This is an ideal grill for a family of 2 to 6 people. You can quickly grill your favorite meats and veggies on this grill instead of ordering from unhygienic restaurants. The aroma, flavors and taste are outstanding. It’s more fun when you grill with family and friends. Its definitely the best grill for your camping trips. However, here are few pros and cons you may refer to before buying this grill.

Pros & Cons of the Weber Charcoal grill:

prestige ppbb 02 coal barbeque grill outdoorPros

1.       Great for grilling in your balcony or terrace or during camping

2.       Can store about 4 KGs of coal in one go

3.       Easy to carry around with you

4.       Weber has Plenty of other products like Charcoal Briquettes and 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set that that will enhance your grilling experience further


1.       Compared to Indian brands, the Weber Coal grill is slightly expensive

2.       The stand is small and is meant for cooking in sitting position. If you like to stand and grill, you will have to place the grill on a table

Here’s another important thing to know before buying this charcoal grill. The product is not ready to be used out of the box. Once you receive the package, you will have to assemble it together, which might take about 30 min of your time.

Here are some tips for shortlisting the best grill for your camping trips.

Choosing the best Charcoal Grill for camping and picnic tours can be daunting task. Thankfully, we have simplified this process for you.

1.       Easy to travel with on your camping trips

2.       Quick to setup and start grilling

3.       Easy to clean and maintain

4.       Retains flavor and aroma

5.       Durable & sturdy

6.       Felicitates heat retention

One great example of the great charcoal grill is the Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill. It fulfills all the above criteria plus offers a lot more value.

Alternative to Weber Charcoal Grill

Prestige Coal Barbeque GrillFor people who cannot afford the Weber grill, a decent alternative is the prestige coal barbeque grill. This is probably the most popular coal grill in India. It’s ideal for 2 to 3 people at a time. However, it does come with its disadvantages. You can only have one layer of coal which can get exhausted really fast. As per some users, fire & heat sustenance can be a problem. So, you need to make an arrangement to continuously fan the coal.

If you are still confused, which portable charcoal grill to buy, just think about what you personally want from a grill. If you love grilled food and want to invest in a durable product, you may want to go for the Weber charcoal grill. If you grill rarely and price is an important factor, then prestige coal barbecue grill may fit the bill for you.

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