Bonhomia Boho Capsule Coffee Brewer

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Bonhomia coffee brewer is designed with a gorgeous charcoal finish and sleek lines. You can easily make it the center of attraction of your living room, kitchen or office pantry. The Brewer has a satin finish, simple cleaning process and detachable containers. You will always find it easy to clean and it looks classy. It combines state of the art technology with centuries of coffee brewing methodologies. The end result is the ultimate coffee solution for anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee at any point in the day.

When it comes to using brewing machines, we generally have to compromise either on the freshness of coffee or on the convenience of brewing. Bonhomia can solve this problem because it is capable of making fresh coffee conveniently while saving you money. With Bonhomia coffee brewer, you can make a single cup of coffee within seconds. The coffee produces great aroma.

For the majority of coffee lovers, the fact that such a machine will brew directly into a travel mug or cup makes the machine a better choice when compared to a normal coffee maker that will brew into a pot. For those who always seem to leave in rush, it makes more sense to grab a mug, press a button and get going as soon as the coffee is ready.

When it comes to saving costs, brewing one cup of coffee at a time means you will not waste money trying more than the required amount of coffee. Also, Bonhomia will avoid you visits to your local coffee shop and will help you save a lot of money.

Bonhomia is best coffee brewer that solves the stale coffee problem.

The Bonhomia Boho Capsule Coffee Brewer makes sure you will always get fresh coffee. For starters, it uses a capsule instead of the usual coffee powder. The good thing about it is it can use all types of pod capsules. This means you can easily choose the type of fresh coffee you would like to enjoy. Additionally, the machine works very fast. For example, it can make coffee in a shorter time than it may take you to boil a pot of water. There is an adjustable drip tray that is used to select between long or small cups of coffee. This way, the machine will brew the exact amount of coffee you need. Lastly, it has an auto clean feature which gets rid of any coffee residue before it starts preparing a new cup. Coffee residue has been known to negatively affect the freshness of coffee.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Removable water jar making refilling convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Mechanical lever operation
  • 2 programmable cup sizes
  • Fresh cafĂ©-style coffee made in a few seconds


  • Can only use capsules
  • Makes one cup


The Bonhomia Boho Capsule Coffee maker is one of a kind. Apart from brewing fresh coffee, it auto cleans to ensure any residue from previous brewing is not included in the current brew. It is portable and affordable making it a great choice for the average consumer.

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