Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer Review

Best Cold Press Juicer India 2017You might be wondering what “Hestia” means. Hestia is the name of a Greek goddess of home & domesticity. True to the name, the sleek design and durability of this Hestia Juicer is absolutely unparalleled compared to other juicers in the segment.

The powerful motor weighs 4.16 Kgs, rotates at 60 RPM, producing less than 45 decibels of sound. The feeding tube is 7.5 cm wide allowing us to directly feed the whole fruit. The strong motor silently exacts extracts juice with ease. You can juice all types of fruit and veggies with this juicer. It can easily juice an apple, carrot and beetroot altogether.

The machine comes with 3 different strainers that can be used for making Juice, Smoothie and Frozen fruit gelato. Since it’s very easy to use, you can also train your kids or domestic help and delegate your morning juicing routine. Kids will love to use this slow juicer.

As per Hestia’ website, the juice produced from this machine is 4 times more nutritious compared to other juices. Generally cold press juice is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and phyto-chemicals. Daily consumption of fruit plus vegetable cocktails can help you a lot with improving your micro nutrient intake and strengthening your immune system.

Here are the Pros & Cons of the Hestia Nutri Max Juicer:


1.       Juice stays fresh for longer period of time

2.       Very easy to use and great value for money

3.       Produces more juice than regular centrifugal juicers

4.       BPA free plastic and excellent build quality due to aerospace materials

5.       Pulp produced is absolute bone dry compared to other juicers

6.       Directly feed the whole fruit in to the machine instead of cutting pieces

7.       Self-cleaning functionality helps you easily clean the strainer

8.       Doubles as a frozen fruit gelato and smoothie maker


It’s relatively slower than centrifugal juicers, but the quality of fruit juice produced completely offsets this disadvantage.

Even though Centrifugal juicers are cheaper, health conscious people prefer Cold Press Juicers due to health benefits

Cold Press Juicer Vs Centrifugal JuicerHere are 3 reasons Cold Pressing Juicers are better than Centrifugal Juicers:

a.       Juice produced from Cold Press Juicers has way more nutritional value compared with centrifugal juicers. The dietary fibers, enzymes and minerals are all intact

b.      Centrifugal juicers generate a lot of heat that will burn the essential micro nutrients from the juice

c.       Centrifugal juicers produce a lot of sound and are difficult to clean. The pulp is retained in the containing and spread all inside the machine that makes it very challenging to clean. This eventually makes people give up juicing altogether

Overall Summary of the Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer India 2017

If you want to buy your first slow juicer or replace your old one, Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer will make a great choice. The juicer costs less than your Gym membership and will be a life time investment for your health.

Best Cold Press Juicer India 2017

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South Indian Filter Coffee Maker Review

This is a review of Preethi Dripcafe (model CM 208), a South Indian Filter Coffee Maker. Please read through the complete review of this product before you buy any South Indian Filter Coffee Maker.

Review Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

South Indian Filter Coffee MakerIf you love filter coffee (or “filter kaapi”J), you will love this Filter Coffee Maker from Preethi Kitchen Appliances. Even the people who are used to the traditional filters will appreciate the convenience offered by this electric Dripcafe Coffee Maker. It’s designed such that the brew is not exposed to the air, which retains the flavor, aroma and warmth. The conical filter helps make stronger coffee with lesser coffee powder. This filter coffee maker is best suitable for a small to medium sized family of 3 to 6 members.

About the product

This coffee maker uses a 450 watt heating element for quick brewing. You can make 500 ml of coffee decoction at once in this Coffee Maker and it will take less than 10 min to prepare. Operates at a voltage of 230 volts.

Here are the pros and cons of this South Indian Filter Coffee Maker:


1.       Keeps the aroma, flavor and warmth intact

2.       Easy to clear & light weight

3.       Convenient alternative for traditional coffee filters

4.       Excellent gift for people who love South Indian Filter Coffee

5.       Reasonably priced

6.       Spare parts like filters and coffee jar are easily available at authorized service centers or online

7.       Makes nice & thick decoction in less than 5 min, larger quantity will take max 10 min

8.       You can reheat and consume several time through the day


1.       A beep sound when the pilot switch goes off would have been helpful as there is a chance you may get occupied with work and end up ignoring the pilot lamp

How to use South Indian Filter Coffee MakerHere’s how to prepare 2 cups of South Indian Filter Coffee with this Coffee Maker:

1.       Open the plastic water tank and pour 125 ml water for 2 cups of coffee

2.       Put 2 tea spoons full of coffee powder in to the filter

3.       Spread the coffee powder evenly within the filter and replace the filter lid

4.       Place the filter on the Jar and place the jar on the hot plate

5.       Turn on the coffee maker

6.       In 1 to 2 min, hot water will start dripping in to the coffee powder

7.       Brewed coffee decoction will get collected in to the Jar

8.       When the pilot lamp goes off, turn off the switch immediately

9.       Pour the coffee decoction in to your coffee mug or cup

10.   Mix milky or milky powder and sugar as per your taste

11.   Your South Indian Filter Coffee is now ready

3 things to know about this South Indian Filter Coffee Maker:

1.     Do not put milk directly in to this coffee maker

2.     Switch off when the pilot lamp goes off

3.     Do not put coffee beans in to the filter, use coffee powder

About the Company – Preethi Kitchen Appliances

The company was started in 1978. Preethi is now the largest mixer grinder brand and a leading Kitchen Appliances company in India. It’s a well-established company committed to increase its customer base further. Customers can definitely trust this brand and their after sales service.

Overall Summary

It’s a great product from Preethi. This product has more than 96% positive reviews on Amazon. In fact, there are customers claiming to use this product since a decade and they love it. Amazon’s customer service, return policy and good after sales service from Preethi will encourage most people to buy this South Indian Filter Coffee Maker.

South Indian Filter Coffee Maker

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

This is a review of recently launched Amazon Fire TV Stick on Amazon India. If you were looking to buy this device, click here.

Amazon Fire TV StickReview:

This is one of the most innovative products from Amazon. It can literally put your HDTV on steroids and transform it in to an entertainment monster. You don’t need a “Smart TV”, if you have Amazon Fire TV Stick. Most users claim its better than Chromecast TV and Roku Streaming Stick. Amazon Fire TV Stick comes pre-registered with your Amazon account. So, you just have to plug and play. The device is so easy to use that anyone from kid to an elderly person with little internet knowledge can use it.

Here’s what you can do with Amazon Fire TV Stick:

1.       Watch Amazon Prime Content

2.       Watch Netflix, Hotstar and YouTube or browse internet

3.       Play thousands of games

4.       Voice search your favorite Amazon Prime content using voice controlled remote

5.       Screencast your Mobile Phone or Tablet without installing additional aps

6.       Tip: If you have a JIO connection, you can watch JIO content through screencast feature

Here are the Pros and Cons of Amazon Fire TV Stick:


1.       Easy operation with voice remote. This feature is very simple and efficient

2.       Extremely simple user interface. Anyone can start using it, no learning curve

3.       Compact design allows you to easily carry it anywhere

4.       Option to set up bandwidth limits so that you don’t exhaust your internet

5.       You can save your content on Amazon cloud and watch it later

6.       Very cost effective compared to its competitors

7.       8 GB internal storage space for storing more aps and games

8.       Browse Internet & watch YouTube using inbuilt aps, play games

9.       Frequent travelers will love this device. All you need is a TV with HDMI port and Wifi connection to use this device


1.       No external Micro SD slot to extend memory

2.       Cloud services are only available for Amazon Prime members

3.       Voice search does not work with Netflix or YouTube. It works only with Amazon Prime

4.       Requires the power adapter to be plugged in, if your TV’s HDMI port does not provide adequate power to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Requirements for using Amazon Fire TV Stick:

1. HDTV with HDMI input port

2. Wifi Internet connection of 4 MBPS or more

3. To enjoy Amazon Prime videos, you will need Amazon prime subscription

Whats in the box?

1.       Fire TV Stick

2.       Voice Remote

3.       USB cable and power adapter

4.       HDMI extender

5.       2 x AAA batteries

Offers to avail while buying Amazon Fire TV Stick:

1.       Existing Amazon Prime Members will get Rs. 499 back as Amazon Pay balance

2.       100 GB Data Free from Airtel – on Airtel broadband and 4G home Wi-Fi devices 240 GB Data

3.       Free For YOU Broadband Customers with Fire TV Stick

4.       Eros Now – Free 3 months of Premium Subscription

5.       Gaana streaming will be ad free on Fire TV in India for the first 6 months from launch date

Amazon Fire Stick TV is an amazing product with great benefits. 86% of the people are extremely happy with the device. Amazon’s brand name, customer service and return policy will definitely generate lot of sales for this device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

6 reasons to buy OnePlus 3T

Dash Charging

You can literally charge the phone in flat 30 min and the charge will stay for entire day

OnePlus 3TConvenient to carry in pocket

Very light weight and can be easily carried in a tight jeans pocket and it looks great while it’s in the pocket – great for style conscious youth

Performance Beast

Compared to other phones in the segment, it has the most powerful processor, highest RAM and highest internal memory space. You will not find any typical hanging issues with this phone

Finger Print Detection

Finger print sensor really quick. It’s extremely easy to configure and you can submit multiple finger prints in different angles. It detects your finger print in less than a second, which is remarkable.

Great Camera

OnePlus 3T has a 16 MP front & back cameras. The front camera is great at capturing low light selfies and videos.

Great User Experience

This phone has the best customer reviews rating on Amazon with more than 7000 positive reviews one can be assured of the user experience.

OnePlus 3T is a great mobile phone for anyone who is looking for a high performance smartphone at a reasonable price.

While there are raving reviews of OnePlus 3T, there are 5 reasons you may not want to buy it.

The Phone is Too Slippery

This phone is almost too slick to handle. It easily slips out of the hand. This can be a serious concern for people who don’t like to use mobile cases or back covers.

Does not come with Ear Phones

The package does not include any earphones. Given that it costs Rs. 29,999 for 64 GB phone and Rs. 34,999, I think OnePlus should have included earphones in the package. Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro, which is in the similar price range includes earphones in the package.

Too Large for some people

Some users may find this phone too large for one hand operation. This is of course relative to the size of individual’s hands, but if you are someone with small hands, operating this phone can be a challenge.

No Flash in front Camera

There is no flash in front camera. If you are a selfie addict and like to have a flash in the selfie camera, this can be a show stopper for you. But, most people shouldn’t mind the lack of this feature and the low light selfies in this phone are brilliant.

Few Color Options

OnePlus 3T is available in 3 color options – Soft Gold, Gunmetal and black. These colors are decent, but if you are someone who likes bright colors, then you may have to settle with buying colorful cases, which is not actually bad idea as the phone will definitely require a case to offset is slippery nature.

Overall Summary:

Despite the 5 trivial reasons mentioned above, OnePlus 3T smartphone is a formidable opponent for flagship devices such as Apple iPhone 7. Compared to all other devices in the market, the technical specifications and performance is unparalleled. OnePlus 3t is not just a flagship killer, its one of the most desirable smartphones out there.

OnePlus 3T back view

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Offer

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro OfferSamsung Galaxy C7 Pro was launched today early morning on Amazon India and here are the offers you need to know about.

Cashback offers

There is up to Rs. 2000 Rs cash back offers from several credit card companies available. You need to buy the phone between April 11 and April 30 to avail the offer. Please be sure to read their terms and conditions for more information regarding the offer and eligible credit card brands that will give the most cashback.

Here’s the link to their terms & conditions of this offer.

Yatra.com offer

This offer is only for 7 days. If you buy Samsung C7 Pro on Amazon.in between April 11 and April 17 you can avail either of the 2 offers below:

  1. If your booking amount is more than Rs. 4000, you will get Rs. 750 OFF using their code.
  2. Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Offer AvailIf you booking amount is more than Rs. 6000, you will get Rs 1500 OFF

Note: You will receive the offer discount code by Apr 30 and you will have to avail the Yatra offer before May 30. Once you use the promo code on Yatra, your eCash will be credited to your Yatra account before June 07, 2017. ECash earned can be used on the next booking.

Click here to learn more about this offer.

In addition to availing both offers, you can get an additional discount in exchange of your old phone.

Here are the specifications of Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro:

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Specs

  1. 64 GB Internal Memory
  2. 4 GB RAM with Octa core processor
  3. 16 mega-pixel front and rear camera
  4. Full HD sAMOLED display
  5. 3300 mAh battery
  6. Available in Navy Blue and Gold color (looks like rose gold of iPhone)
  7. Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Gold Offer


Few features C7 Pro that will standout

  1. Its only 7 mm thick, which makes it one of the slimmest phones on the Indian market
  2. Phones charges in 100 Mins flat
  3. High on storage since it’s a 64 GB device and expandable up to expandable up to 256GB

Benefits of buying Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro on Amazon:

  1. You can get additional discount on your purchase by exchanging your old phone while buying this new one
  2. You can available Credit Card cashback and Yatra.com discount offers
  3. Great return policy and easy return procedure

Why Manufactures are launching exclusive offers on Amazon instead of selling in showrooms?

This is because they can cut down the costs for end customers significantly. If you directly buy from a website, there is no cut for the dealer/distributor, transport charges etc. Also, the Advertising done by companies is limited. So, the costs that are saved by manufacturers are passed on to the buyers.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Offer AvailSamsung is now trying to follow the strategy followed by OnePlus, MI and Motorola. Phones that are exclusively available on Amazon are as good as the phone you buy in the shop. In future, you will see more and more exclusive offers being launched on Amazon and other websites.

So, those are the details about the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Offer.

Please let us know your review of this phone in the below comments box.

10 Reasons for Induction Cooker popularity in India

Induction Cooker is a great alternative to the traditional gas stove. There are 10 reasons for the growing popularity of Induction Cookers.

1. Reliable backup to your regular stove

Induction Cooker is a reliable back-up in situations where there is shortage of LPG or your gas stove is being repaired. Transport strikes in our country are quite common and is a major reason for delays in deliver of LPG cylinders. It makes a lot of sense to own an Induction cooker to avoid inconvenience.

Induction Cooktops

2. Low maintenance & easy to clean

Induction cooker is flat and easy to clean. Traditional LPG stove as a lot of parts than need to be removed and cleaned and requires reasonable maintenance. In an LPG stove, you will have to change the burners, pipe, and regulators on periodic basis to avoid hazardous situations. You can get rid of all these maintenance requirements with an Induction cooker. Most bachelors and small families find this to be a huge advantage.

3. Moved to a different city

You have moved out of your home town to take up a new job in a different city. It’s difficult to get an LPG connection without local address proof. If you are always on the move or get transferred frequently, then induction cooker is an obvious choice. Induction cooktops are becoming increasingly popular with bachelors.

4. Inbuilt cooking options

Induction Cooktop Built in options

Induction cookers come with several cooking options that are already built in to the cooktop. You can set the temperature as per the type of food you are trying to cook. For example the Philips HD4928 01 induction cooktop is completely programmed for Indian cooking. It has options such as Roti, Dosa, Gravy, Stir Fry, Pressure cook and slow cook etc. You even have a timer option like in microwaves. These options make it incredibly easy to operate the Induction cooker. This makes it ideally for people learning to cook.

5. Space Saver

Induction cooktops do not occupy too much space. It’s ideal for small kitchens, which makes it a favorite for people living in studio apartments.

6. Fast cooking

You can cook faster on induction cooker than on an LPG stove. You can boil 1 liter water in 2-3 minutes and 1 liter of milk in 5 Mins depending on the type of Induction cooker you are using.

7. Safer than gas stove

Induction cooktops are much safer than LPG stoves. There are several reasons, but let’s just say that there is greater chance of blowing up your apartment with an LPG stove than with an induction cooker. Some people feel electromagnetic fields (EMFs) created by induction cooktops could be dangerous, but there are no credible reports with enough evidences to support this claim.

Philips HD4928

8. Save cooking gas (LPG)

Occasional usage of Induction cooker can greatly reduce LPG consumption. Currently, we receive 12 cylinders per year on subsidy. In future, these numbers may go down and here’s why – Government spends a lot of money to subsidize the cost of LPG. In fact, India ranks 4th in the world in terms of LPG consumption and imports 200,000 barrels of LPG per day. Currently, families are being requested to give up on subsidy if they can afford to get LPG without subsidy. As per current regulations, individuals above 10 Lakh income cannot obtain subsidy on LPG. Future regulations could extend the income bracket even further. So, it’s better to occasionally use alternative energy sources for cooking to ensure you are better placed to accept the change in future.

9. Excellent gift option

Induction cooktops will make an excellent gifts for newly married couples. Any bachelor or bachelorettes will also love to own an easy to use cooktop. If you are looking to buy a useful gift for your friends or family, you will never go wrong with this one.

10. Experiment with new recipes

Induction Cookware and cooktops are fast becoming popular. This has revolutionized the way people cook. Hundreds of people have started to learn to cook using induction cooktop as it’s less messy than regular gas stoves. This has resulted in new recipes being created. You can explore many great recipes by owning and using an induction cooktop.

The downside of Induction cooker

While there are several advantages, there is a downside s well – You need to use specific cookware that is designed for it. However, most people will not find this to be a show stopper.

Amazon Sale! 35% Off on Induction Cookers

Induction Cooktop offers

10 Must Have Wonderchef Products for Indian Kitchen

Wonderchef is fast becoming popular in Indian market. We looked in to the utility and necessity aspects of some of the Wonderchef products and came up with the list of “10 Must Have Wonderchef Products for Indian Kitchen”. Please let us know what you think about these Sanjeev Kapoor Wonderchef products.

Wonderchef Click Space Saver Set

Wonderchef Click Space Saver Set Text Image Text+Image Share: Earnings Help Amazon Amazon App Contest Home & Kitchen Go Search Deliver to SandeepHYDERABAD 500028‌ Hello, SandeepYour Orders Not Sandeep? Sign Out YourPrime YourLists Cart1 Shop byCategory Sandeep's Amazon.in Today's Deals Amazon Pay Sell Customer Service amazon home Kitchen & Home Appliances Large Appliances Kitchen & Dining Furniture Home Furnishing Home Decor Home Improvement Garden & Outdoor Storage & Organisation Lighting Shopwithbalance Home & Kitchen › Kitchen & Dining › Cookware › Pots & Pans › Specialty Pans › Wonderchef Click Space Saver Aluminium Cookware Set with Free Kitchen Tools, Maroon Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest 100%25%20PP Deliver to Sandeep - HYDERABAD 500028‌ Quantity: Add to Cart Buy Now Add to Wish List Other Sellers on Amazon Add to Cart 3,999.00 + FREE Delivery Sold by: Raaj International Add to Cart 3,899.00 + 150.00 Delivery charge Sold by: VCorporation 3 offers from 2,950.00 Ad feedback Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon Wonderchef Click Space Saver Aluminium Cookware Set with Free Kitchen Tools, Maroon and Black Roll over image to zoom in Wonderchef Wonderchef Click Space SaverWonderchef Click Space Saver Set is a great space saving solution. The grill pan and the frying pan come with detachable handles. You can easily remove these handles just by clicking a button. Wonderchef calls it their patented click system. Entire set can be used on the standard gas stove, an induction cooker, and electric heater and also in the microwave Owen. The set contains a frying pan, grill pan, glass lid, and detachable handles. The box also contains a spoon, spatula, tong, and satay sticks that are worth Rs. 1025.The Wonderchef click space saver set is made of virgin aluminum metal that conducts heat very fast and enables faster cooking. The set comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. This space saver set is recommended for every household that is short on kitchen space. This will also make an excellent gift for new couples.

Wonderchef Italia Pizza Maker

Wonderchef Italia Pizza MakerWonderchef Italia Aluminium Pizza MakerThis Pizza maker is a must have for bachelors and small families. Just put the pizza base with all the required toppings and close the lid. After about 7 minutes, your pizza will be ready. You can make small to medium pizzas in perfect shape. However, if you are new at pizza making, it may take 2 to 3 attempts to master the art. Best thing about the Wonderchef Italia Pizza maker is that it’s a multifunction appliance. In additional to Pizzas, you can also make pan cakes, Frankies, naans, khulchas, parathas and rotis. You can even make kebabs, sausages and tikkas like an expert with this Pizza maker. It comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend

Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-BlendWonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-BlendWonderchef Nutri-Blend is a compact blender cum grinder. It is specially designed for health conscious individuals. There are many people who love smoothies, but think a traditional blender will be too much of an inconvenience. This is by far the most convenient and compact blender in Indian market. It runs with a 400 watt powerful motor. You can make smoothies and directly drink it from the jar. You will not have to spend too much time washing & cleaning this blender. It comes with 2 blades, one for blending and another one for grinding. Apart from blending, you can make quick chutneys with Wonderchef Nutri-Blend. It comes with an awesome recipe book & 6 free glasses. This device is best suited for bachelors and small families. Only thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a blender and not a juicer. Its best for making healthy smoothies really quick. Fitness enthusiasts will love this product.

Wonderchef Ceramide Casserole 6 piece set

Wonderchef Ceramide Casserole 6 piece setWonderchef Ceramide Casserole 6 piece setYou might have seen this casserole set on TV. The advantage of Wonderchef Casserole set is that it can be used for cooking as well as serving. The ceramide coating makes the casseroles non sticky even though they do not have the traditional Teflon non-stick coating. It is advertised as a 6 piece set, but it’s actually 3 casserole that comes with 3 lids, which makes it 6 pieces, but the casseroles are only 3. Never the less, it’s a great casserole set to have. The package contains 1.25 L, 2.25 L and 4 L casseroles and tempered glass lids for each casserole. This casserole set comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

Wonderchef 60001500 Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor with PeelerWonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food ProcessorThis is a manual food processor for slicing, chopping, shredding, whipping, mincing meat and crushing ice. It has low speed gear and high speed gear options to slice & dice different types of foods. It also has 4 settings in the slicer-dicer disk. You can use the whipper for mixing dough and beating eggs. It has a rubber base that does not allow the container to move while chopping. The Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor is the best for individuals who do not want to use an electric chopper. If you prefer an electric chopper, check out our post on Top 5 Vegetable Choppers.

Wonderchef Induction Dosa Tawa

Wonderchef Induction Dosa TawaWonderchef Induction Dosa TawaWonderchef Induction Dosa Tawa is particular designed to make excellent healthy Dosas. This Tawa will ensure that your dosas will not over heat, burn or stick to the pan. You can make dosas without any cooking oil. This 28 cm Dosa pan will effortlessly churn out standard size dosas. It’s specialized to be used on an Induction cooker, but it can be used on a regular stove as well. If you are looking for the best Dosa Tawa, you cannot go wrong with the Wonderchef Induction Dosa Tawa. Wonderchef provides a 2 year warranty on this product that costs less than 300 bucks.

Wonderchef Tadka Pan

Wonderchef Tadka PanWonderchef Hard Anodized Large Tadka PanEvery Indian Kitchen must have this Tadka Pan. The handle is long enough to keep you away from the heat. The handle has a resting point that will allow you to keep the pan on the burner itself while you’re heating the oil. With this design, you do not have to hold on to the handle with one hand while fetching condiments with the other hand. The hard anodized coating on the pan will make it resistant to black marks or burns on this pan. You can now safely & easily temper your Dal or Dhokla. Wonderchef Tadka Pan comes with a 5 year warranty.

Wonderchef Glass Oil Pourer

Wonderchef Glass Oil PourerWonderchef Glass Oil PourerYou might be wondering what an Oil Pourer doing on this list. Well Wonderchef Glass Oil Pourer is not just any other oil container. As per Wonderchef, this oil pourer ensures that there is no spill. We can pour out accurate quantities of oil without wasting or using too much oil in your food. Pouring accurate amount of oil may be crucial while making certain recipes and of course to avoid wastage. It’s a beautiful and transparent glass bottle. The only downside is that the lid is made up of plastic that some customers may find it little cheap.

Wonderchef Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminum Elite Sauce Pan

Wonderchef Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminum Elite Sauce PanWonderchef Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminum Elite Sauce PanThis induction base sauce pan is made with pure grade aluminum. Wonderchef Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminum Elite Sauce Pan has a healthy non-stick coating and is free from Perfluorooctanoic acid and heavy metals. This beautiful purple color pan has a 2 L capacity and comes with a glass lid. It’s a great pan for making anything from sauce to tea and the handle ergonomics are simply great for easy handling. The pan can be used on induction cooker and the standard Indian gas stove. While cleaning this pan, please only use either a soft sponge or something like Scotch Brite. Do not use metallic scrappers as it may damage the coating inside the pan.

Wonderchef Click Amaze Induction Base Cookware Set

Wonderchef Click Amaze Induction Base Cookware SetWonderchef Click Amaze Induction Base Aluminium Cookware SetThis is similar to the Wonderchef Click Space Saver Set. The Wonderchef Click Amaze Induction Base Cookware Set uses the same patented click system that can be used to detach the handles. The difference is that the click amaze version comes with sauce pan and Dosa Tawa whereas the click space saver version has a grill pan. Both sets have glass lids for the frying pans. You may skip buying this one, if you already own the Wonderchef Click Space Saver Set.

Top 5 Vegetable Choppers for Indian Kitchen

Here’s a quick comparison of Top 5 vegetable choppers before we get in to the details.

Vegetable ChopperMotorStorage CapacityWarranty
Orpat Express Chopper250 Watt700 ml2 Years
Glen Mini Chopper250 Watt400 ml1 Year
Prestige Electric Chopper 450 Watt700 ml1 Year
Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo260 Watt500 ml2 Year
Borosil Chefdelite Chopper200 Watt600 ml2 Year

Here’s the detailed comparison of the choppers.

No. 1. Orpat Express Chopper

Orpat Express Chopper

This is the No. 1 most loved vegetable chopper that is reasonably priced. Whether you want large chunks or want them finely chopped or want to make a tomato puree, you can do it all with this beauty. You can do hard core chopping without worrying about the device slipping off. The Orpat Express chopper runs with a powerful 250 watt motor that can easily chop and mince toughest of veggies and herbs while consuming very little electricity. The noise produced is negligible compared to other choppers in the category. This is the most cost effective, durable and efficient chopper that you can buy. The chopper is currently available on Amazon with 2 years warranty. Click here to check it out.

No. 2. Glen Mini Chopper

Glen Mini ChopperThis little chopper is No 2 on our list. Glen Mini Chopper also comes with a powerful 250 watt motor, but is comparatively compact. It has a storage space of 400 ml. Customers are impressed by the quality of material used for manufacturing this chopper.  This Vegetable chopper is very fast and is great for everyday chopping & whisking chores. While its slightly expensive compared to the Orpat Express chopper, it comes with a complimentary extra bowl. The chopper works only when it’s properly closed, which eliminates the chances of getting injured with the blade. The Glen mini chopper has great customer reviews and is available on Amazon with a 1 year warranty.

No. 3. Prestige Electric Chopper

Prestige Electric Chopper

No 3 on our list, the Prestige Electric Chopper uses the twin blade system improved efficiency and speed. The powerful 450 watt motor can not only do everything that a normal chopper can, but will also crush ice with ease. You can easily cut hard vegetables like potatoes, beetroot and carrots with great efficiency. This chopper is great for preparing salads very fast. You can control the size by controlling the time the chopper runs. The Vegetable chopper can considerably increase your productivity in kitchen and a must have for working couples that are too busy to manually cut and chop their veggies. The chopper comes with a 1 year warranty. Click here to buy.

No 4. Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo

Morphy Richards Chopper Vivo

The Morphy Richards Chopper does not have any unique feature that sets it apart from other choppers. However, it’s a reliable brand and comes with 2 year warranty. Therefore, it takes the no 4 slot in our list. This device is excellent for chopping, but may not be suitable for harder vegetables or boneless chicken. Click here to know more about this chopper.

No 5. Borosil Chefdelite Chopper

Borosil Chefdelite Chopper

No 5 on the list is the Borosil Chefdelite Chopper. This is a light weight and efficient chopper. This Vegetable chopper produces the least noise compared to all choppers listed here. The 200 watt motor is least powerful compared to all choppers in the list but will do the job for you. This copper is reliable but quite expensive when compared to other choppers with motors of similar wattage. It comes with a 2 years warranty. Check it out here.

Read full reviews of these choppers at the below posts:


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9 Reasons to Buy Philips Air Fryer

Reason 1: Oil Free Healthy Cooking

What if you can fry all your fry arms without actually deep frying them in unhealthy oils? This is only possible with the Philips Air Fryer and this is the No. 1 reason to buy it. You no longer need to feel guilty of gulping down those fry arms as you can now fry them in an Air Fryer. Using the Philips HD9220 Air Fryer, you can easily prepare the best snacks without the need of using oil. This is the healthiest cooking option for fried snack lovers. You can now buy this air fryer on Amazon India9 Reasons to buy a Philips Air Fryer

Reason 2: Have fun with Recipes  

Ever since the introduction of Air Fryers in India, YouTube cooking channels are churning out interesting healthy recipes. There are dedicated YouTube channels for Air Fryer cooking. In addition, the Philips Air Fryer HD9220 comes with a recipe booklet that will help you get started quickly and easily. You will never get bored of cooking on this Air Fryer.

Reason 3: Better than Microwave

A lot of stuff you do on Microwave can be accomplished on this Air Fryer. When it comes to oil free cooking, there is no replacement for it. If you are single or live in small family, you can easily avoid having a microwave Owen and use Philips Air Fryer as the substitute.

Reason 4: Multiple functions 

Philips HD9220 Air Fryer allows you to Grill, roast and bake. Customers are impressed by the ease with which you can churn out oil free and tasty dishes. Many customers also have used it for baking small cakes and preparing tandoori dishes.

Here’s a full review of the Philips AirFryer.

Reason 5: Save Money

You can save tons of money on oil and cooking gas, which makes this air fryer a great investment.

Reason 6: Philips Warranty & Credibility

Philips has amazing credibility in Indian market. It’s a trusted international brand that enjoys great customer loyalty in India. This Air Fryer from Philips comes with a 2 year warranty throughout India. They also have a toll free Customer Service Number: 18001022929 to call if you experience any issues.

Reason 7: No Noise and smells great

There is absolutely no noise while cooking your food. There is no burning odor as you may find in some locally branded fryers. The Philips HD9220 Air Fryer does not produce any foul smell. You will only smell the food you are cooking in it.

Reason 8: Hassle free cleaning

It’s easy to clean with or without a dishwasher. The air fryer is dishwasher safe and you will enjoy cleaning and maintaining it.

Reason 9: Compact Dimensions

Philips Air Fryer is just 7 KGs and with dimensions of 38.4 x 28.7 x 31.5 cm. It easily fits in to your kitchen.

Philips Air FryerSo, who should buy Philips Air Fryer? Philips Air Fryers are best suited for:

1. Fitness enthusiasts
2. Bachelors
3. Small Families and
4. Just about anyone who wants to fry their food without oil

If you are looking for a healthy alternate way of cooking your food, this Air Fryer is for you.


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Philips GC1920 28 Steam Iron

The Philips gc1920 28 steam iron is a great addition to the Philips steam iron 1900 series. In terms of Philips gc1920 vs gc1905, the former provides better steam output. We will talk about that later as we proceed into this review.

A Review of the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron

philips gc1920 28 steam iron

Philips GC1920 28 Steam Iron

As mentioned before, the Philips gc1920 28 steam iron carries on the quality of the Philips steam iron 1900 series.

Here are the key features and specifications that the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron excels at:

Key Features

Easy and Fast Water Tank

philips gc1920

Philips GC1920 28 Steam Iron

The key feature of any steam iron is its water tank. Not only the water tank of this one comes with better capacity but extra convenient features as well.

The water tank is easy and fast to fill up and empty out. This highly reduces the hassle and users can iron their clothes in an organized manner.

On the other hand, the water tank design has an impressive spray feature. T produces a fine and even spray. As a result, the clothes are moistened properly before you start ironing. Buy it today on Amazon.

Great Steam Output

The Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron features an impressive steam output. As compared to the previous steam iron in the Philips steam iron

1900 series, its steam output is 17g per minute.

Moreover, you will notice the high quality of the soleplate. It comes with the golden American heritage coating. Therefore, you can expect a smooth glide over any fabric.

On the other hand, it has a great non-stick function. It effectively prevents the burning of delicate fabrics.

Cord Freedom


Unfortunately, the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron does not come without a cord. That feature is highly in demand but in this price range, it is unavailable. On the other hand, the cord is quite user-friendly. It supports a swivel feature. Therefore, there is a reduced chance of tangle and wiry mess. You can iron clothes without the cord coming in the way or forming into difficult knots.

Key Specifications

Energy Consumption


You don’t need to worry about an increased utility bill. The technology of the Philips gc1920 28 Steam Iron is energy friendly. It saves a considerable amount of electricity. Power requires only 1440 watts while operating voltage is 240 volts.

Company Warranty


Philips provides a 2-year warranty with the Philips gc1920. It is a popular brand trusted by many across the world. Therefore, you can easily depend on the validity of this warranty.

Philips Steam Iron 1900 Series Price: Philips gc1920 vs gc1905

The Philips gc1920 comes at a reasonable price. The other steam irons within the same series are also prices in a customer friendly manner.

On the other hand, if we consider Philips gc1920 vs. gc1905, then the former is a bit expensive. However, in a small amount of raise, you are getting two better features. The steam output is 17fg per minute. This is 4g higher than the Philips gc1905.

Moreover, the Philips gc1920 has an American heritage coated soleplate. This greatly impacts the performance of the soleplate while ironing. You will considerably experience less friction and a smooth glide over all the fabrics.

Tips to Use the Philips gc1920

In order to get the best results, follow the following instructions:

  • Don’t turn on the steam function without heating up the device. Wait a fair amount of time so that the steam iron can heat up. If you don’t follow this method, there is a risk of water leakage.
  • Keep the knob at the no steam position when not in use. The second and third settings should only be used when the soleplate is hot.

For more useful tips, follow the manual provided with the steam iron. The manual is quite detailed and easy to read. It will help you operate the iron, especially if it is your first experience with a steam iron.

On the other hand, the manual provides information on maintenance as well. Do follow these instructions to keep the steam iron in the best condition. If you don’t, you may end up with decreased performance and productivity.

The manual also provided useful tips on ironing fabrics. Different fabrics have varying demands of heat. Follow these instructions to get the best results with all kinds of fabrics. In addition, this will also prevent damage to delicate fabrics.

Final Verdict

The Philips gc1920 is a bit expensive compared to the Philips gc1905. However, it provides better functionality as well. It is a good bargain.

If you think this iron is too expensive, checkout our review of the Philips GC1903 Steam Iron, which is lot more cost effective and you don’t have to compromise too much.